About Us

We are a Norwegian startup consisting of technology optimists, with a passion for learning, creativity and technology. The team comprises engineers, developers, entrepreneurs and marketing experts, who coupled with engaged educators, aim to make a difference in the classroom.

To make education more creative and engaging, we are now developing AR solutions that are tailored to both students and teachers. Our co-creation tool is helping students remember more of what they learn longer, while at the same time transforming the learning process to an explorative, joyful and creative experience. The educational resources we develop are enabling schools to utilize their digital tools and develop children’s knowledge, skills and understanding through cross-curricular work. By learning through interconnected topics, the teachers can let children use their imagination to solve real life problems.

Today, we are helping schools reach their full potential, by giving children an understanding of AR and by sparking their curiosity for technology. Please feel free to reach out if you want to know more, or if you wish to try out the solution, you are welcome to reach out!

Meet Our Team

Eirik G. Wahlstrøm
CEO & Co-Founder
Visionary Doer and Multi Talented Sports Geek
Harald L. Manheim
CTO & Co-Founder
Technological Wizard and Creative Artisan
Ingrid Skrede
Open Minded Marketer and Social Butterfly
Ole A. Vedeler
AR Tech Lead
Technical Genius and Tenacious Runner
Benjamin S. Kjær
Head of Math
Persistent Mathematician and Curious Educator
Eivin E. Floer
AR Developer
Passionate Coder and Gifted 3D modeler
Mika Krogtoft
Web Developer
Analytical Website Builder and Avid Learner
Kimberly Beijersbergen
Digital Marketer
Innovative Doer and Radiant Joy Spreader
Dmytro Romanchenko
AR Developer
Diligent Developer and Creative Problem Solver
Bharat Parikh
Senior AR Developer
AR veteran and wine brewing enthusiast
Catherine Xu
Business Developer
Structured doer and outgoing adventurer