Welcome to the Ludenso Ocean Challenge 2021

The ocean is beautiful, it is fun to swim in, and we find good food and fish there. But have you ever thought about how much we do not know about the ocean? And did you know that we have great challenges in taking care of life at sea?

Be inspired by success stories from entrepreneurs who are passionate about the sea and build what can be the future solutions to sustainability problems.

Learn to build things in 3D and AR, test out wild ideas, and win prizes for your class. Let's save the ocean together - Good luck and have fun!

Ludenso Ocean Challange

Create sustainable solutions to preserve the ocean

Plastikk i havet
E.g. Plastic in the ocean, acidification, unsustainable energy use, oil spills, overfishing, ice melting, or other challenges

1. Find a problem you want to solve

 What problem do you hope to solve? Why is it important? What solutions are available today?

2. Decide on an idea

Start building your idea and design in Ludenso Create. In the program, you can build a 3D model of your idea.

Get started

3. Experience your project come to life

See your idea come to life in real life in the schoolyard, on a beach, or at home. To explore your 3D model in augmented reality (AR) you can simply download the app on your mobile or iPad, open your model, and click on the AR icon.

An offshore wind farm is an example of a sustainable power source. This one was made in Ludenso Create

4. Submit your idea

Take a screenshot of your 3D or AR model and upload a photo of the model by clicking the button below, or share the photo in a post on social media. Attach a brief description of the problem and the solution you have chosen. Remember to tag @byLudenso if you post on social media. We look forward to seeing what you create!

Submit your idea

Are you new to 3D modeling?

If you are finding it difficult to get going or you don't have any experience with 3D and AR, we highly recommend you go through our introductory lesson to get to know Ludenso Create. Don't worry it won't take long!

Intro to 3D and AR

Be inspired

In these videos, you will meet successful people who work to solve problems related to preserving the ocean. You will see people from Microsoft, NTNU, WWF, wave energy companies, and plastic scientists.

More inspiration

Join the class gallery

If your teacher has not already done so, ask your teacher to create a "gallery" in Ludenso Create. Use the code you get from the teacher to post your project and to see what your friends have made.

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