The Ludenso Sustainability Challenge



Gets an iPad

Do you want to play games, express yourself creatively, explore your Ludenso Create creations in AR, or simply surf the web anywhere? The winners of both year classes will each receive their own iPad
The 5 first

Get a rainforest planted in the school’s name

If you are among the first 5 to share your project, we will plant rainforest in your school's name. You will then receive a unique sustainability certificate.
Top 100

Get a sustainability diploma

We want to honor those who come up with new and innovative ideas. The 100 best contributions will therefore receive a separate sustainability diploma that can be hung up at home or in the classroom.

Meet the Jury

Louka Delautre

Regional Director Europe Earth Guardians

Louka believes that the fight against climate change is filled with stereotypes and his goal is to show others that we each have a skill we can contribute to saving the planet and living modern life in harmony with nature. 

He is now the Regional Director for Europe at Earth Guardians supporting youth across the continent to implement environmental projects, as well as representing the non-profit at conferences and in panel discussions about the future of activism and the impact of youth leadership.

Earth Guardians counts more than 300 youth activist crews across the world.

Kinvara Jardine Paterson

Senior Campaign Manager for World’s Largest Lesson (WLL)

Kinvara believes in the power of education as one of the best ways to achieve the Global Goals. She started her career as a teacher through the Teach First programme in London. 

Now, as Senior Campaign Manager for World’s Largest Lesson (WLL) Kinvara brings creative resources for learning about the Global Goals to life. She recently produced WLL Live, an inaugural YouTube show to inspire youth action for the Goals, featuring UN leaders and popular teen personalities like Millie Bobby Brown. 

Kinvara works alongside UNICEF to continue to expand the programme which has now reached over 15 million young people.

Christine Spiten

Tech-founder, expedition sailor and ocean lover

As CEO and co-founder of EntrepreneurShipOne; she works to solve the ocean's challenges and make the ocean into the World's largest classroom.
Back in 2015 she co-founded Blueye Robotics, making ocean exploration available to everyone by creating underwater drones based on user-friendly and inclusive technology.

Fun fact: Blueye was actually Ludenso's first official customer when Ludenso was making movie masks, and the two startups co-created a unique experience of immersive underwater exploration, with the "digital diving mask".