The Ludenso Sustainability Challenge

Exploring your future home

1. Class discussion

We recommend you to have a class discussion on the following before you begin:

  • What buildings and areas do you think a city will consist of 100 years from now? Come up with at least 40 ideas (e.g. hospitals, schools, cinemas, etc.)

  • Have a voting session where you decide what is to be built during the challenge, and who should create each building.

2. Mission for sustainability

The year is 2121 and you and your classmates have received a mission to design a future sustainable city.

The buildings need to be solid enough to withstand climate challenges, and you should think of energy supplies. What will characterize your future city?

Use your imagination and start building!

Lets go!

3. Gather your creations in a future city

To gather all the creations, your teacher must create a "gallery" in Ludenso Create, so that you can log in with the code you receive from your teacher. Show the sustainable solutions you have come up with during the challenge to the class and explain your thoughts.

By downloading “Ludenso Create” to your phone or tablet, you will be able to open your 3D model and place it in your own environment.

Find suitable surroundings, explore your city come to life in AR and take a screenshot or a screen recording that shows your idea. 

NB! Remember to log out of Ludenso Create on your computer before you log in on your phone or tablet.

4. Submit your contribution

To take part in the draw for the cool prizes, you must share your innovation. You are free to present your idea as a video, picture, screenshot, or a PowerPoint, as long as you describe your solution and why it is sustainable. To participate in the challenge you must post the delivery on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and use the hashtag #Ludenso #SustainabilityChallenge.

Good luck and have fun!

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