What's on for 2021?

Our ambition is to help encourage and inspire the younger generations to explore, innovate and create. This year we have invited successful people who are passionate about sustainability to contribute with videos and inspiration. The students can research real problems, and come up with solutions, visualise their own ideas in 3D, and ultimately, see their inventions in the real world with AR.

Program for the Ocean Challenge

During the Ludenso Ocean Challenge, students will have access to inspiring videos about the challenges we face today, how some technology companies are working to solve sustainability issues and tips from scientists and ocean patriots. It is voluntary to watch the videos, and you are free to participate in what you want. To take part in the competition, you must share a screenshot from your mobile or PC that shows how you have solved an ocean-related sustainability challenge using Ludenso Create. You must write which problem you solve and what the idea is. To participate in the draw for prizes, you must share your picture on social media and tag @byLudenso, or upload the file here.


Wednesday to Tuesday
June 9th to 16th

Kick off

  • Welcome video from Team Ludenso
  • The students can solve an introduction task to learn how to use Ludenso Create

Design sprint

  • The students research issues, explore ideas and create solutions in AR as to how we can contribute to saving the ocean
  • The students get access to inspirational videos to get ideas on problems to solve and new solutions
  • Deadline for delivery is set to June 16th at 23.59

June 17th

Who won?

  • We announce the winners


AR headsets for your class

Three lucky school classes will get access to all-consuming experiences in Augmented Reality (AR) with the MagiMask! This way you can explore the class' own creations from Ludenso Create in full-scale AR, and you can experience 360 ​​videos and get the cinema feeling only by using mobile phones.

A mangrove forrest in your school's name

The mangrove forest is sensitive to environmental impacts. 70–80% of the mangrove forests in Asia and the Caribbean are gone. This is due to felling, cultivation and utilization for crayfish and fish farming. The destruction of the mangrove forest has in many places led to coral reefs being outcompeted by powerful algae blooms. The school that wins this year's Ocean Challenge will have mangrove forests planted in the school's name.

** All participating students receive a sustainability diploma

These ocean patriots are joining - are you?

Nils Kristian Liveng-Ness

Nils Kristian Liveng-Ness is Deputy GM and Chief Marketing and Operations Officer in Microsoft Norway. With a deep passion for people development and the influence of change leadership, specifically, how technology can help individuals advance and thrive, he is an advocate for integrating technology as a natural tool for any employee in any company.

NTNU Oceans

NTNU Oceans, one of NTNU's four strategic research areas, addresses complex challenges of great importance for society through interdisciplinary cooperation. Through its research, NTNU Oceans contributes to Norway’s role as a maritime nation. NTNU Oceans has an overarching vision to help solve the big sustainability challenges in the ocean space.

C4IR Ocean

C4IR Ocean is a center that brings together companies, researchers, the government, and the public sector to work together to create a healthy ocean. C4IR Ocean's flagship is the ocean data platform, which gives researchers and managers access to knowledge about how the ocean develops.

Henrik Snarvold Sletten

Henrik studies product development at NTNU and specializes in the fuzzy front end. He believes curiosity and creativity are the keys to finding and solving tomorrow's challenges

Christine Spiten

She is an ocean entrepreneur and works as the CEO of EntrepreneurShipOne. Christine has previously co-created BlueEye Robotics, which makes underwater drones to explore the ocean. She has worked in the WWF and has won a number of awards for her commitment to preserving the ocean.

Charlotte Aschim

Charlotte is the head of TotalCtrl, one of the world's largest technology companies that work to prevent us from throwing away too much food. She has been named one of Norway's greatest leaders in sustainability. Charlotte got her first job when she was 12 years old, and she learned to code through YouTube.

Siri Østvold

Siri is an adventurer with a love for the sea. Through "the Great Pacific Garbage Patch" (a large sea area covered in plastic), she has sailed across the Pacific Ocean to document and understand the extent of microplastics and toxins in the ocean. She also explores below the surface by freediving and finds great joy in encounters with the sea's larger and smaller creatures.

Kristine Bangstad Fredriksen

Kristine is the general manager of the start-up company Ocean Oasis. Even though we live on a blue planet, lack of drinking water is a growing problem. This is a challenge we do not think much about in Norway, but our experience from Norway's offshore industry can actually be used to develop technology to produce drinking water from seawater without the use of polluting energy sources. This is what they are trying to achieve in Ocean Oasis.