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Jonathan Viner from Nordic EdTech News (@edtech_news) has written a story of the Swedish testbed hosted by Swedish Edtest. Check it out to know more about how we are working with Swedish educators and students to make learning more fun, engaging and creative.

They develop 3D and AR technologies

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Working closely with teachers and schools in formal and informal test-bed environments has helped Ludenso to rapidly prototype new product features and attract investment to scale.

Their extensive product testing with students and teachers lies at the heart of their product development plan. Oslo-based and a recent finalist at the Nordic EdTech Awards, Ludenso are working with schools across Norway and Sweden to develop their unique suite of 3D and AR technologies.

Founder and CEO, Eirik Wahlstrøm, acknowledges that feedback from teachers at the start of their journey was invaluable in helping them get where they are today. “One of the teachers asked if there was any way students could create something as part of the programme” he recalls. Intrigued by the idea, his team worked through a series of rapid prototypes to test this product enhancement. The response from students was incredible, shifting their engagement from “brief wow moments to long, sustained periods of meaningful learning.”

This initial and extensive informal testing with schools led Eirik and his team to develop Ludenso Create, a 3D and AR modelling tool which allows students of all ages to become digital creators and problem solvers. Recent in-school evaluation has also been fundamental in supporting new product development, including a new technology that can combine physical and digital classroom resources.

To maximise the opportunities for Ludenso to grow and to scale internationally, Eirik has committed to product testing at home in Norway but also in Sweden as part of the Edtest programme, run by EdTech South East Sweden. In both locations, Ludenso have given teachers and schools detailed product onboarding, but have allowed teachers and schools to use the technology wherever it can help “their students be the best version of themselves.” This has seen Ludenso Create used in a wide variety of cross-curricular ways, including an amazing collaboration with Midtstuen High School in Oslo where 140 mixed ability students built 50,000 square metres of digital architecture using their software.

This intensive test-bed environment and co-creation approach has been of huge value to the Ludenso team. Throughout this project, staff have been able to closely watch students as they use the technology, taking copious notes and asking questions throughout. Students also completed detailed questionnaires that gathered feedback on what worked well and what didn’t, while teachers conducted in-depth interviews to highlight how Ludenso Create could most effectively be used in the classroom.    

Eirik is clear on the benefits Ludenso has found from working with schools in this way. “You cannot,” he argues, “successfully develop products for the schools market without working with practitioners. It’s essential to help develop both product features and pedagogical fit.”

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