High school students are creating the sustainable solutions of tomorrow

The students at Øvrebyen high school are using Ludenso Create to work on a sustainability project, and to express their ideas in AR. This is the first school in Norway to utilize the technology across the subjects sales, service and tourism, sports and physical education, as well as specialization in general studies.

The students at sports and physical education were asked to solve local sustainability problems in their town, Kongsvinger. Marte Holøyen and Kazin Hassan solved this by creating a bee hotel. They placed their nests in the schoolyard using AR before they explained how this idea can help preserve the bees.‍

Mathilde Haugen and Amy Stensbøl are pursuing a specialization in general studies. They said that it was very exciting to learn how to do 3D modeling. They visualized a virtual hydropower plant, which they wanted to use in the local river, known as Glomma.

"This is probably the future. For example, it will be much easier to explain something in a presentation, if you can show it in this way," the girls say.

In sales, service and tourism, the students were given the task of communicating advertising and travel experiences using AR technology. The students visualized everything from Easter Island to Stonehenge, and shared a wide range of ideas.

"This is a technology that will reshape marketing and innovation" says teacher Espen Solhaug

He took the initiative to use the technology at Øvrebyen high school, and reckons that this is technology that will be used more and more in his field, which is sales, service and tourism.

Read more about the case from Kari Gjerstadberget (photo) in the local newspaper in Glåmdalen here.

Or try out the Ludenso Create AR tool yourself here