Ludenso Create Has Finally Landed

Teachers are the superheroes of the modern world. Never has there been a bigger challenge to prepare todays’ children for the uncertainty of tomorrow. In this blog post, I'll let you in on how we as educational providers are trying to help teachers become digital superheroes, and how we almost underestimated the power of creativity.

How school today is killing creativity

Theoline is a creative genious. She is creative and loves to explore.

This is Theoline. Theoline is 5 years old and a curious explorer. She is a creative genius who loves tinkering and finding new solutions. A well cited NASA study showed that she is not alone. 98% of children aged 4-5 scored as “geniuses” in their creativity test, while only 2% of 280,000 adults did the same (source). How can this be? Sir Ken Robinson makes a bold claim that it is the schools that kills creativity in a Ted Talk seen by over 70 million (link). Theoline has as most other kids her age, 13,000 hours of school ahead of hear. Most of these hours will be spent at consuming the same content as everyone else and be expected to come out with the same answer as everyone else. Not necessarily something that boosts creativity.

Unfortunately, most of the children loses their creativity during their 13,000 hours of school

How we nearly followed the same track - and were challenged by a passionate teacher

On August 16th we'll launch Ludenso Create: our tool that helps teachers keep students like Theoline inspired, curious and creative. At Ludenso, it’s all about letting the children create their own content. But that wasn’t always so. We too made an initial mistake of focusing on consumption rather then creation.

The story of Ludenso as you know it today was sparked in Vollen Montessori School in Asker 2018, where we showcased some Augmented Reality (AR) headsets and AR apps. The children got immersed in the technology, and the teachers were happy. To our surprise after a fun and engaging lesson, one of the teachers came up to us with a question that changed everything:

“Can the children create something themselves?”

“Can the children create something themselves?” was the kindle that ignited a fire of imagination. How obvious it was, that the creators of tomorrow should be able to create their own content for exploring, learning and sharing! And how stupid of us to have only focused on our own AR content for consumption.

In short, this set us out on the quest to make the worlds easiest 3D-modelling program, Ludenso Create. We then let the children at Montessori try out the very first version of Ludenso Create. The 1st time I saw their sense of mastery and accomplishment when they explored their own creations in AR is still one of the best feelings I’ve ever had. Imagine 20 children bringing their ideas to life in the school yard, running around in their own AR buildings! We had made an impact for these children, and I was certain we could make it for so many more.

How we are unleashing the creative potential in all classrooms

Our ultimate goal is to enable everyone to become digital creators. With Ludenso Create, we are giving the teachers a simple yet powerful tool to
facilitate co-creation. This gives the teachers and children an extremely simple way to start getting acquainted with two technologies that are said to play a big role in the future.

By signing up at Ludenso as a teacher you'll get access to:

  • 1. Our children-friendly 3D modeling tool, Ludenso Create
  • 2. Our AR app, Ludenso Create
  • 3. A teacher portal with pedagogical inspiration made by creative educators
  • 4. A virtual classroom feature, which lets you and your students explore the class projects together - both from home and at school
  • 5. Invitations to creative and meaningful challenges (our next challenge is the Sustainability Challenge in October)

The platform has been built in collaboration with the University of Oslo, the University of Stavanger, Oslo MET, Oslo Municipality, the founders of Kahoot! (Johan Brand and Jamie Brooker), and the Norwegian Research Council. Lastly, the launch of Ludenso Create would never have been made possible without the inspirational teachers we have been fortunate to work with from across Norway, Sweden and Germany.

Want to be the 1st to try? Sign up at, and we'll send you an update when we launch on the 16th of August.

A big thanks from Team Ludenso

Ludenso itself stems from the latin word “Ludens”, which means having fun, or being playful. For the team working at Ludenso, having fun is a way of working, and we believe everyone performs the best if they enjoy and have a passion for what they do. Simultaneously, we want to make fun and engaging products that have a real impact. A big thanks to all the pioneering teachers and pupils who are helping us develop and make our solutions better, and to everyone else who is supporting us on our mission to enable everyone to become digital creators.

On behalf of team Ludenso – all the best,

Co-founder and CEO