Ludenso Create in Africa!

This fall we hosted our first Ludenso Create Hackathon together with the Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers (NIMechE). The aim of this hackathon was to help solve some of the biggest SDG challenges faced by Africa today.

A few weeks ago we hosted our first Ludenso Create Hackathon together with the 2020 Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers (NIMechE) Design Challenge Team. This hackathon aimed to help solve some of the biggest SDG challenges faced by Africa today. 

The NIMechE Design Challenge (NDC) is an annual innovation competition hosted by the NIMechE Design Challenge Team from the University of Ilorin. This year, we teamed up with the 2020 NIMechE Design Challenge Team to help them achieve their goal of equipping young people with skills to provide innovative solutions to Africa’s imminent and impending problems. The event attracted over 100 creative minds from 25 countries across Africa.

Hacking for Sustainability

The purpose of this hackathon was to come up with different solutions that will contribute to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. The participants were motivated to contribute to developing strategies that help end poverty and build local economic growth. Throughout six weeks, the participants were addressing a range of social needs and topics including education, health, job opportunities, and climate crisis.

“I joined this hackathon to express my idea that I believe will help to develop Africa and make Africa a good land for all people”

- Clement Mapondera from Malawi

3D modeling & AR 

Different teams were exploring different topics. They first identified what challenges they were faced with and what the existing solutions are. Then they needed to gain further knowledge to come up with new solutions. 

Using a diverse set of digital tools, the teams were able to create and explore their prototypes in AR, using Ludenso Create, YouTube, Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Doc, and Google Drive. Digital communication was carried out through Telegram, Teams, and Zoom. A variety of tools to teach the participants digital collaboration, communication, and presentation skills.

“3D modeling and AR technology are bound to change how innovators come up with solutions to problems. From the personal experience of using 3D modeling, I was able to get a clearer picture of the challenges and opportunities that a solution could potentially face”

- Khajira Christopher from Kenya

The winners 

We’d like to congratulate everyone who took part in this hackathon. Everyone who has joined us on this six-week project was very enthusiastic and so motivated throughout this project! Realistic solutions were developed that could potentially change lives. 

We selected the winners based on these criteria: 

1. Impact

2. Innovation and Creativity

3. Feasibility

4. Originality

5. Presentation 

Mr. Abongdoh Maluyane Titus from Cameroon and his E-mentor Africa solution won 1st place.

Mr. Kondwasi Jasi from Malawi followed in second place, and he created a Solar Water Purifier. 

Ms. Lilibeth Langat from Kenya and her Solar-powered boats for fishermen won 3rd place.

You can learn more about these creative change agents and their disruptive ideas in our subsequent blog posts.

Awards were given out to teams based on specific criteria. 

Most Socially Conscious

The “Tenable Waste Management System”, created by Favour Aiyegbeni from Nigeria, Mark Allen Gbalazeh from Liberia, Ezenandu Emmanuel Obinna from Nigeria, Thelma Chalwe from Zambia, Vincent Cletus Wiso from Kenya, Adelina Sambala from Tanzania

Most Scalable

“The Solution to Food Crop Wastage in Africa”, created by Mercy Folayan from Nigeria, Akinrinlola Kolapo Precious from Nigeria, David Okenwa, Clement Mapondera from Malawi, Ifechukwu Juliet from Nigeria

Most Impactful

“Sanitation and Clean Water for All through a Centralised Water Purification and Waste Recycling System”, created by Khajira Christopher from Kenya, Taiwo Busari from Nigeria, Okamkpa Tobechukwu Gamaliel from Nigeria, Omidoyin Ayodeji from Nigeria, Olalekan Ajayi from Nigeria

Most Collaborative

The “Hunger in Africa” project, created by Oladunni Zainab from Nigeria, Samuel Otieno Odhiambo from Kenya, Ugbaja Victory from Nigeria, Nelson Peter Ussiri from Tanzania, Aiyegbeni Israel Temidayo from Nigeria, and Zaharah Nabirye from Uganda

What will happen with the ideas?

After the event, we were overwhelmed by the positive feedback and inspiring ideas from everyone who participated. To get a better understanding of what these participants will be doing with this project, we sent out a survey - and the responses could not have been more encouraging! 

“I intend to establish my project and deploy a fully functional version of it. To do this, I will continue to work on the model to improve it, while building a team with which to execute it. I also intend to get some national recognition for the project, so that I may have the opportunity to receive some assistance and supervision"

- Abongdoh Maluyane Titus, the 1st place winner

“To try my best to bring the cold thermal storage into existence to minimize the rate of food crop wastage.”

- Clement Mapondera, winner of the most scalable idea

“In the future, I hope to be able to have more experience in Augmented Reality to be able to make projects that will not only benefit me but my society as well. I also hope to be able to introduce AR to my community so that young people can use it for their studies”

- Lilibeth Langat, 3rd place winner

“As a teacher with experience using the Ludenso Create technology, I will use this technology in my teaching activities since I believe it will help students learn better and create from an early age. The technology will boost the creativity of the students to a great degree. I, therefore, will introduce the technology to my community of teachers and students.”

- Nelson Peter Ussiri, winner of the most collaborative project

A big thank you  

A great shoutout and appreciation go out to the 2020 NIMechE Design Challenge Team. Thank you for a wonderful collaboration! We look forward to following the progress of these creative individuals, teams, and impactful ideas in the year to come!

You can follow the NIMechE Design Challenge on Twitter and LinkedIn.