Ludenso Launches Educational Co-Creation Tool in AR Powered by Microsoft Azure

In relation to the recent launch of Ludenso Create, we are excited to reveal that we are taking part in the Microsoft partner program!

Convincing the educational world to embrace augmented reality (AR) has proven a more challenging task than anticipated by many start-ups in the AR space. Now, as the hardware and software behind the technology become increasingly commodified, teachers are starting to find use cases that align with their curricular goals.

At Ludenso we are working towards our vision of enabling children to become digital creators through the use of 3D and AR technology. Now, we have launched our co-creation learning tool, Ludenso Create, for free and available to browsers, tablets, and smartphones.

In relation to the product launch, we are excited to reveal that we are taking part in the Microsoft partner program. This is a step towards our global go-to-market ambitions and a strategic technological decision.

Today, I'm thrilled to announce the launch of Ludenso Create, which is powered by Microsoft Azure to provide optimized safety and scalability. Furthermore, pupils and teachers all across the world are now able to download and view their 3D creations in Microsoft 365, and view their creations in Augmented Reality (AR)" says Eirik Wahlstrøm (CEO)
CEO of Ludenso is revealing the latest news from the edtech company
Eirik Wahlstrøm, CEO of Ludenso, is thrilled to announce that we're taking part in the Microsoft Partner program

The new pedagogical platform allows students to visualize their ideas and create 3D content, through the use of simple geometrical objects and spatial understanding. So far, close to 10,000 students from the Nordics and Germany have tried out Ludenso Create in a beta phase. The students have seen everything from Viking villages and future houses to sustainability projects and historical timelines come to life in the schoolyard through the use of AR technology.

“Truly immersive experiences create magical opportunities for teaching and learning. Solutions like Ludenso Create bring together the power of immersive learning with engaging lessons encourage creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving that translate into job and life skills.” said Deirdre Quarnstrom, VP of Education Experiences, Microsoft. “Microsoft Azure offers safety and scalability to make the solutions available to as many educators and learners as possible.”

A student is combining 2D and 3D to learn
One of the 1st users of Ludenso Create, combining the power of hybrid learning with engaging AR lessons that encourage creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving

In an effort to make the product more approachable to both tech-savvy and non-technical teachers, we have also built a teacher portal. There, the teachers can access pedagogical tasks and challenges tailored to their needs; filtered by grade levels, duration, subjects, and overarching themes. This helps the teachers reach their existing curricular goals with more engaged students. The tasks are based on the research conducted on Ludenso Create through top universities in Scandinavia (the University of Oslo and the University of Stavanger).

The launch of Ludenso Create comes right after schools have started up again, adding a new way for students and teachers to engage in the classroom. For teachers interested in trying it out, Ludenso invites anyone interested to sign up at now and join our coming sustainability challenge which will take place in October.