Ludenso Ocean Challenge 2021

Every year, on the occasion of World Oceans Day on 8 June, the world comes together to celebrate the ocean. This year, we at Ludenso want to celebrate the World Oceans Day, by hosting the Ludenso Ocean Challenge.

What is the Ludenso Ocean Challenge?

It is a week dedicated to exploring entrepreneurial opportunities, and working to preserve the ocean. Students will be given the task of defining a sustainability problem related to the sea, and visualizing possible solutions in augmented reality (AR) using Ludenso Create. During the project, ocean patriots, ocean entrepreneurs and technologists will share fun and short videos to inspire students to see new opportunities πŸ³πŸ’›

To join the movement and come up with new ideas, we encourage you and your students to join at Ludenso Ocean Challenge

These change agents are coming - are you?

We are fortunate to have good people with us who want to inspire the students and teachers to come up with new ideas. Here are some of the change agents you will meet during the Ludenso Ocean Challenge:

♻️ Nils Kristian Liveng-Ness is Deputy GM and Chief Marketing and Operations Officer in Microsoft Norway

🐟 Marine fighter from WWF, inventor of the underwater drone BlueEye Robotics and now CoCaptein in EntrepreneurShipOne, Christine Spiten

πŸ’š Inventor of Total Ctrl and champion of sustainable food consumption, Charlotte Aschim

🌊 Siri Østvold, who is an explorer who has traveled through the Great Pacific garbage patch to research microplastics

🐟 Product developer and inspirational problem solver from NTNU, Henrik Snarvold Sletten

πŸ“Š Scientists, data scientists and artificial intelligence experts from the Ocean Data Platform

🌊 Kristine B. Fredriksen, CEO of the wave energy company Ocean Oasis

πŸ’š Ph.D. students from NTNU Oceans, who will talk about their research on the ocean

We will share small video clips from these ocean fighters during the Ocean Challenge, and you can choose whether you want to see all or only selected videos. The purpose of these videoes is to help students identify sustainability issues, and see the potential for new solutions that they can visualize and explore in AR using Ludenso Create.

International problem solving

Students from across Europe, America and Africa will participate, so here different cultural perspectives will be expressed when the challenge is to be solved. We are excited to see what will be created in the coming week! ✌️

Join the Ludenso Ocean Challenge here