Meet Anne Born, Ludenso Teacher of the Month!

Anne Born has been teaching for 22 years, and is teaching German, Biology and Arts at Heinrich-Heine-Gymnasium in Dortmund. Here, she is sharing how she and her students have been working with the Sustainable Development Goals by using Ludenso Create.

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

In the project, the students built a sustainable community by creating a virtual smalltown in Ludenso Create. The students got a limited amount of resources to build energy effective housing and ensure effective food supply. They were given the freedom to build flat-sharing communities, vertical gardens, and other urban gardening approaches, and to think outside the box to answer "how can we live in the future?"

Visualizing Ideas in Augmented Reality

When asked about the effect she perceived AR technology and 3D modeling had on the learning experience, Anne responded that the technology sparked emotions which increased the interest in the pedagogical tasks in a new way:

The 3D gallery showing the project (Photo: Ludenso)
"I think AR is catching the students in an effective way - and that should not be underestimated"

She then elaborated by explaining the importance of giving students relevant tasks in school, where they get the chance to solve real life problems. This makes the learning experience more authentic and engaging:

"When feelings are involved the interest is higher to do some tasks or to do some work. And they can see the results of their work in a kind of "reality“ and that gives the work more relevance. It is something completely different if you have created something on a paper (2D) that can only be watched, or something that you can experience (3D) in a kind of "reality".

Exploration in Augmented Reality (Photo: IN-StadtMagazine)

How was the Sustainability Project Carried out?

Working Across Different Subjects

The project was highly interdisciplinary, spanning across the subjects Arts, Mathematics, English, Biology, Geography, Politics and Physics. The pedagogical ideas was to utilize the curricular goals from these courses to develop alternative strategies to understand sustainable lifestyles. During the project, the students got to improve their digital, collaborative and communication skills - and to have fun while working on a meaningful project. And most importantly, by working across the subjects they got to utilize their skills and prior knowledge to solve real life problems.

The project participants (photo: IN-StadtMagazine)

Student Activities

  • Preparation with a focus on the fundamentals of architecture and planning of living spaces
  • Creative phase where the student could collaborate and use Ludenso Create to co-create a sustainable community
  • Write a report about the design process in English
  • Give a presentation in augmented reality to explore each others ideas
Two students presenting and discussing their ideas in AR (photo: IN-StadtMagazine)

What did the Students Learn?

The project turned out to be highly engaging and creative. In the process, the students gained knowledge of urban planning, democratic decision making processeses, sustainable food production and energy consumption. By improving their geometrical and spatial understanding using the Ludenso Create 3D modeling tool, they were then able to visualize and demonstrate their individual ideas.

"We asked the students to reflect on the project, about what they liked and what they learned. Although the project took place under very special circumstances (the Corona lockdown), it can be seen as a success. The students told us they liked very much that they have been part of something new"

Are you Curious?

If you'd like to do a similar project and want to try out Ludenso Create, feel free to reach out to with name, school and contact information.

We'd love to hear from anyone curious about new and creative ways of learning! :)