The 21st century pop-up book

Ludenso Explore is an app designed for and by publishers, to bridge physical books with digital resources through the use of AR. This allows students to easily scan their school books with a tablet or phone, and transform reading into an interactive and engaging learning experience.

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AR elements
Bring your books to life with interactive AR models.
Immersive videos

Get the Harry Potter experience, and watch videos directly on your printed material.
3D links
Scan a page and get access to language support, additional articles or other web resources.

How does it work?

Ludenso Explore is a new solution for publishers to enrich physical textbooks with 3D models, videos, and links through recent advancements in Augmented Reality (AR) technologies. The user scans the pages of the physical textbook with a phone or tablet, and the book will come to life. 

AR models

Stimulate curiosity and increase student engagement by adding interactive AR experiences to your physical textbooks. Any book, no matter the subject, content, or objective, can make use of it. Got any new ideas for interactive learning experiences, why not let us help you bring your books to life?

AR videos

Enhance learning by adding videos to your printed material. The videos can be played directly in the book, and will be streamed from the designated media server. The only thing we need from you is the right video link and a PDF of the page you’d like to bring to life.

AR links

Turn your pages into beautiful QR codes, and bridge your physical and digital learning universes. If you have additional resources online that are related to your physical books, the 3D links will couple your physical and digital resources. When a reader scan a book page, they can be sent directly to your articles, language support, tasks, or other digital materials.

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Give your editors the book creation toolbox of tomorrow. We will guide you through the simple step of the creation process, and help you utilize the full potential of your learning materials. Renew and modernize books that are already published, or bring AR experiences into your next book. No special print in the book is required.

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What educators say about Ludenso Explore

“Ludenso Explore is making our books come to life through 3D and AR, bringing our physical and digital learning universes together and sparking curiosity and engagement with the pupils, clearly differentiating us from the other publishers”
- Arne Fredrik, editor-in-chief at Aschehoug Publishing House
“I can’t imagine any student not benefiting from this technology”
- Science teacher from Trondheim, Norway
“This works great. The best pupils get a better understanding of the topic and the ones that are struggling get increased motivation to learn”
- High School Teacher, Norway

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