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Ludenso, a company in the AR and education field, is looking for a VP Platform Engineering to join their technical team, product and services. The new VP will lead a cross-functional team, working hands-on in the development of the AR platform, setting ambitious goals and working closely with the management team. 

The ideal candidate should have deep technical expertise in AR/MR, experience in building world-class consumer applications, and experience in technical management. Hands-on coding and building scalable solutions are also necessary. Bonus skills include data vision, mobile native, 3D modeling, Unity, AI, web/frontend, etc. The candidate should have a positive and driven personality, with a belief in solving challenges, being humble, open-minded, and committed to the company's vision and values. 

Why Ludenso?

As the VP Platform Engineering at Ludenso you get the opportunity to take on a critical role in the journey to success of the technology development. We have a world-class problem to be solved, and you will be working alongside brilliant people sharing the same passion. You will be working on exciting projects with various partners such as Cambridge for Education, Oxford University Press, SAGE Publishing, Aschehoug, and more. You’ll get access to Ludensos' network with connections to Unity, Meta, Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc, and we have world-class investors including Kahoot! Founders, Ferd, Atomico Angel fund, and more.

You will also get all the benefits you should expect from a startup, such as:

  • Working in a speedboat, where you can see your impact on a daily basis and where the team is eager to get shit done.
  • A competitive compensation package with share options.
  • Flexible work hours with the opportunity to combine working from the office and/or remotely.
  • The opportunity to develop and shape your team, internally and through advisors and external partners
  • The ability to work with new and exciting technologies within Augmented Reality/mixed reality, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing.

The position

We are looking for a VP Platform Engineering to be an integral part of further developing our technical team, product, and services. We want this individual to help us become the global leader within AR and education. In short - we need a technical leader who can code.

As our new VP Platform Engineering, you will lead a cross-functional team and be hands-on in the development of our Augmented Reality platform. The role is responsible for both the strategic development of the technology stack as well as the execution of day-to-day operations.

You will be working closely with the leadership team on strategic decisions, and hands-on with the tech and product team, most notably the CPO and tech lead. You will be responsible for your team and identifying the necessary resources needed to reach the goals you’re setting based on the product strategy and vision.

Key tasks and responsibilities

  • Set ambitious goals and lead the tech team
  • Work closely with the management team, including communicating tech stack with investors and external partners when needed
  • Be responsible for the recruitment and strengthening of the tech team as Ludenso grows
  • Be hands-on in the development of the platform - and not be afraid to build and test prototypes and functionality in the process
  • Manage external suppliers (Unity, Google, Apple, Microsoft, ChatGPT, …) in relation to the software development

Who are you?

We think you have a deep technical expertise and know-how in the field of AR/MR, and probably experience in/from building world-class consumer application(s). You might also have experience from working with/in the education and/or publishing industry.

Most importantly, you have experience in technical management, hands-on code experience and you have built scalable solutions in the past. In Ludenso, you’ll come across tech such as AR, AI, AR Kit, AR Core, Azure, Blender, Unity, C#, Web/front-end, and more.

Do you want to solve one of the most complex problems in the realm of AR: How to make AR a tool for transformation and learning, and not just a gimmick? Reach out! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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