Experiencing Ludenso Create in 2020

3 minutes
December 2, 2020

This year many teachers used Ludenso Create and we wanted to dive a little deeper to get a better understanding of what the teachers thought of our tool. We were thrilled to get some insight as we hadn’t surveyed in-depth earlier this year. The teachers who participated teach students between 8 and 16 years old. Ludenso Create was used for a variety of classes including history, arts and crafts, math, science, entrepreneurship, and marketing.

An important outcome to highlight is the fact that the students were more engaged, creative, and focused whilst collaborating through the tool. The teachers were given the option to choose from a set of pedagogical tasks or create the task beforehand. The feedback from the students showed they enjoyed seeing the results immediately through AR along with their classmates. Some students liked it so much that they used it in their own time outside of school!

“Since the students have all used Sketchup, I have a basis for comparison. Ludenso Create is without a doubt an easier program to work in. This means that more students feel mastered. All of the students managed to use the program without problems, which makes it a good tool in terms of focusing on learning, instead of technical challenges.”

- Tore Dreyer, Hana Elementary School

The main outcomes are highlighted below:

saw higher student engagement

  • 89% of teachers said that the students were more engaged 
  • 85% of teachers found that Ludenso Create sparks creative joy for the students 
  • It’s extra motivating for students who have difficulty participating or focusing in class 
  • Ludenso Create is a simpler tool to train students in digital skills 
  • It’s a good tool to see the pedagogical outcomes directly 
  • It’s a useful tool to teach across different disciplines 

The main outcomes of the survey showed that students were more engaged and it was an easy tool to train students in digital skills. As the app is still in its development phase, students and teachers have experienced some bug issues and have given feedback for some improvements. Improvements included creating a library of 3D models which the students can use as inspiration, integrating with PowerPoint, and providing a tool for students to give their feedback. Currently, feedback is shared outside of the tool, but this could be useful to keep teachers and students within the same window. These improvements and issues are carefully considered throughout the development phase.

“Ludenso Create is experienced by the teacher (with the impression that the students think the same), as a good alternative to traditional teaching. By that, I mean that it seems motivating for the students to work in this way and at the same time be able to see the result with AR later. It is practical to be able to design the task in advance in the program. Ludenso Create makes it clear to see which learning goals you are working on and see progression / follow the process of the students. It is also positive that Ludenso Create has suggestions for different tasks you can do in/with the program

- Isabel Hartung, arts and crafts teacher at Midtstuen High School in Oslo