An Environmentally Conscious Community


Explore a local sustainability issue

Use sources in a critical and useful way to find information about sustainable challenges in your local community. Choose one problem you would like to investigate further. Remember to keep a good overview of your sources.


Identify causes for the local challenge

Figure out how this sustainability problem has occurred. Are there multiple factors, global challenges or local factors?


Suggest a solution using Ludenso Create

Based on the knowledge of the problem and other solutions you have seen, come up with a solution to limit the climate challenges, preserve biological diversity or contribute to a more sustainable management of the natural resources locally. Create a 3D model of this idea in Ludenso Create, and explain your choices. Remember to use sources to avoid plagiarism if you are using existing technology as inspiration.


Go to the Ludenso Create website

Click here to enter website


Present your idea in AR

Present your findings and argument for your choice of solution. What advantages and disadvantages do you see?


Discuss the class project

Use the knowledge gained by the class as a whole to discuss how we can affect climate and biological diversity, and make conscious choices in our everyday lives. Discuss what you need to do in order to succeed with the ideas that have been presented.


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