Symmetry and geometry


Divide the class into four groups

Divide the class in four groups. Each group will have peers representing different parts of the United Kingdom: Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England. Make sure all four are represented in your group.


Investigate cultural characteristics and social conditions

Use sources in a critical and useful way to find information about the country your group is in charge of. What are typical cultural and societal characteristics? Remember to keep a good order of your sources.


Linguistic exploration

Investigate what idiomatic expressions are popular in the country you are in charge of, and find good explanations or substitutes for them.


Explore typical buildings from different eras

Agree on which historical periods you would like to explore, and investigate what buildings are most famous from the country you are presenting. E.g. the Stonhenge in England is from the Bronze age. Remember to use sources.


Go to the Ludenso Create website

Click here to enter website


Visualize the building in Ludenso Create

Make a 3D model in Ludenso Create that illustrates the building you are creating. Be aware of the details that are especially important for the historical period.


Present the AR model using idiomatic expressions

Focus on your wording. Explain in descriptive and nuanced words what you have created in AR. What aspects of your model show the period you have chosen? What represents your country you have investigated and why? Use at least one idiomatic phrase to express the cultural aspect.


Discuss cultures and social conditions in class

Discuss what similarities and differences you have identified based on the presentations. Is there anything that is typical from the United Kingdom, that is similar amongst all four countries? 


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