Enabling children to explore, learn and create through 3D and AR

We are helping educators teach through interconnected topics, to let children use their imagination to solve real life problems of our time

A world where all children are digital creators

We are creating the worlds’ easiest 3D-modelling- and Augmented Reality (AR) tool for children, enabling them to become digital co-creators and problem solvers of the 21st century

The best school day ever

What we do

Explore. Learn. Create.


By enriching learning materials with AR experiences, and through our 3D-modeling tool, we are giving children a diverse, new toolbox to explore.

By exploring in AR, education becomes more intuitive, engaging and memorable.This way we help spark an interest for technology early on.


We are bringing books to life through interactive AR experiences, stimulating curiosity and critical thinking in the creators of tomorrow.

By merging the physical and digital world, we are creating a seamless and realistic learning experience, letting children learn on their own terms.


To enable children to not only consume digital content, but also become digital creators, we are creating the world’s easiest 3D-modelling and AR tool.

By learning how to do 3D-modeling, children can visualize their ideas and communicate their solutions, thus inspiring more creativity, collaboration and sharing of ideas.

Pupil testimonials

This is why we do what we do

“It was great because you can create models of your dream houses”

 Student (4th grade)
Vollen Montessori School

“The best part of the program is the freedom to create anything you like, and your imagination is the only thing that limits what you can create”

 Student (10th grade)
Midtstuen Middle School

“The best part was that it was so easy to understand”

 Student (10th grade)

"I have been working with other 3D programs before, but this was a lot easier. This was a lot easier to work with, and we actually managed to create something!”

 Student (9th grade)
Norway’s High School for Natural Sciences

“It was great because it was easy to learn, and we got to create a lot”

 Student (9th grade)
Norway’s High School for Natural Sciences

“It was a very nice program, that was really easy to learn. I think almost everyone can use it, and it would be fun to use it with your family. Like building a house, and then showing it to mom and dad.”

 Student (9th grade)
Norway’s High School for Natural Sciences

See the students in action

Teacher testimonials

“This has been an incredibly exciting project. The program was user friendly, and gave a good introduction to 3D modeling”

Mats Vium
Arts and crafts teacher at OsloSkolen Middle School

“This is a cross curricular method which uses educational technology in a way that is relevant and engaging to the students. Through the use of this program, we have taken core elements as well as in depth learning into consideration”

Sissel Eilertsen
Principal at Midtstuen Middle School

“This type of teaching makes the pupils remember more. What makes this great, is that it is individually adapted to each student, letting them work on their own level.”

 Lisa Stornes
English teacher at Sauda High School

“The process from idea to an AR product that can be experienced in full scale, is so concrete. I like that it is so clear how it can be linked to interdisciplinary projects.”

Microsoft in Education Educator Expert

“This is excellent for multidisciplinary projects. For example for designs from the past and the future”

Microsoft in Education Educator Expert

“The feedback we have got from the kids was that it was magical, and that it was the best class ever. The kids get relevant and progressive knowledge, that we are unable to give them.”

Ida Hellum
Teacher at Oslo Montessori School

"Our students are still talking about the AR classes six months later. It has been great for our school to participate in this project."

Erik Strøm
Teacher at Oslo Montessori School

Pupil testimonials

This is why we do what we do

"It was very exciting"
"It was great that you were so good at explaining"
"The program was perfect!
"I think it was fun <3"
"I think it was fun <3"
"I think it was fun <3"
"I think everything was perfect"
"It was great, because you can create a model of your dream house"
"I think it was fun and nice to create my house"

Our software

Creativity without boundaries

Through our software, we are providing children with the world's easiest 3D modeling and AR tool, enabling them to become digital co-creators and problem solvers for the 21st century.

So far, teachers have let their students solve real life problems and visualize ideas in classes of English, History, Religion, Science and Arts & Crafts.

our hardware

Your portable AR kit

To get a fully immersive experience, where the digital and the physical world is seamlessly merged, we are providing an AR kit with an AR headset and physical tracker objects.

The headset lets you utilize your smartphone to experience your own creations in real life. It has no electronics, and it can be adjusted to fit different sizes and visions. Feel free to reach out to get a special offer for your school.

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Our AR headset in use

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Our Latest News & Updates


Research on AR Based Learning with The University of Oslo

We are excited to share that professor Hans Christian Arnseth from the University of Oslo will conduct research on how Ludenso Create can maximize the learning outcome of creative and explorative learning with Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

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Top 3 in the Creative Tech Hunt

We made it top 3 in the Creative Tech Hunt 2020! 657 Oslo have been touring the country together with DnB, SANDS and VIRKE to find the most promising tech startups in Norway. We are so happy to see that the investors, banks and interest organizations believe in our mission to make education more creative!

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Representing Norway in the Nordic EdTech Award at XcitED

We feel so humble and honored by this opportunity! Next week, we will be representing Norway in the Nordic EdTech Award at XcitED in Helsinki. There, we will be presenting our ideas on how to make the classroom more inclusive and creative with 3D-modeling and AR-technology!

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Team Ludenso wishes everyone a merry Christmas

Team Ludenso wishes everyone a merry Christmas, and a happy new year!2019 has been a blast, and we can’t wait for a creative and exciting 2020😄🎨💯

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We just had Norway's largest AR art exhibit!

This semester we've been having an amazing collaboration with Midtstuen High School 🙌🏽 140 students have been 3D-modeling more than 50.000 square meters of architecture, using our software! Enabling kids to become digital creators is so motivating, inspiring and most of all - fun!😃

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