About us

A picture of CEO and co-founder of Ludenso, Eirik Wahlstrøm.
Eirik Wahlstrøm
CEO & Co-founder
A picture of CPO and co-founder of Ludenso, Harald Manheim.
Harald Manheim
CPO & Co-founder
A picture of CMO and co-founder of Ludenso, Ingrid Skrede.
Ingrid Skrede
CMO & Co-founder
Ludenso is an augmented reality (AR) platform that enables publishers to easily enrich their textbooks with AR in order to provide seamless links between book content and digital content.

Ludenso has partnered with major publishers like Sage, Cambridge University Press, Karger and Plantyn to revolutionize the student experience of textbooks. We are working in close partnership with leading academic researchers to rigorously test and iterate the pedagogically-led development of the Ludenso platform.

Our core focus is to enable the people with subject knowledge - such as editors and authors - to utilize the full potential of their textbooks and digital resources, without the need for technological experience. By creating a drag-and-drop platform we empower publishers to create more engaging, inclusive, and interactive learning experiences with 3D models, embedded videos, links, and audio support.