The AR design tool for schools

Ludenso Create is a free, easy-to-use AR creation tool that lets your students visualize their ideas in 3D, and share their unique AR experiences. With lesson plans ready for use online and in the classroom, you can easily spark engagement and enable your students to be future-ready.

Free pedagogical tasks

Find curriculum aligned and research-based lesson plans, or create your own tasks.
Works on any device

Use the web app to create in 3D, and download the Ludenso Create app to view AR creations come to life.
Virtual, hybrid or in school
Stay connected to your students whether they are in school or in another remote learning environment through the Ludenso Create gallery.

Get started in 4 simple steps

Getting started with a new pedagogical tool can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.
By following these 4 simple steps, you and your students can become AR pioneers in no time.

1. Find lessons

Discover inspiring ways to use Ludenso Create in your classroom. If you’d like to offer your students interest-driven, student-centered and project-based learning experiences, you should look for tasks in our curriculum-aligned teacher portal. Any lesson, no matter the subject, content, or objective, can make use of it. Got any new ideas for innovative lessons, why not create them yourself?

2. Get your students started

To get your students started, you simply need to send them a link to Ludenso Create. If they are working on a Chromebook, PC, or MacBook you simply send them the link. If the students are doing 3D modeling on their phones or tablets they need to download the “Ludenso Create” app. 

3. Set up a virtual classroom

To get a live overview of what the students are creating you can set up a virtual classroom, or what we call a gallery, that students can log in to. This is especially useful to drive meaningful classroom discussions and to let students share and communicate their ideas.

4. Explore creations in AR

To accelerate understanding and inspire your students to develop technology fluency, you simply need to download the Ludenso Create app to an AR-compatible device. To explore your gallery or a single 3D model in AR, you simply need to find it in your menu, open it and click on the AR button. And voilà, you are ready to explore!

Our partners in continous learning

University of Oslo
Microsoft Education
The Norwegian National Service for Special Needs Education
The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training
The Research council of Norway
University of Stavanger

What educators say about Ludenso Create

“Ludenso Create lets you think outside the box, and gives new ideas for teaching”
- Anne Born, Teacher at Heinrich-Heine (München, Germany)
“This is a cross-curricular method that uses technology in a way that is relevant
and motivating to the students”

- Sissel Eilertsen, Principal at Midtstuen Middle School (Oslo, Norway)
“I was nervous I wouldn't have the digital skills to understand it properly. It’s scary when you are older and feel like you could lose your authority, but I figured it out right away!”
- Sonja Storli, Language teacher

10,000+ ideas have come to life with Ludenso Create

Check out “Wow!” moments from classrooms or inspire others by sharing your favorite AR models with #Ludenso