Ludenso Create

Unleash your imagination
Let your students explore ideas, learn and co-create extraordinary inventions with 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) for free. Bringing your ideas to life in AR has never been easier
Ocean Challenge has just begun!
Help preserve the ocean and win awesome prizes for your class

Empower your students

With Augmented Reality (AR) you are no longer bound to your desk. See your creations in the physical world in full scale
Promotes creativity, collaboration and problem-solving
Co-create with students anywhere, remote or in the classroom
Easy and secure log in with email, Apple or Google
How-to-create tutorials
Standards aligned lessons and STEM curricula created by experienced educators
Free to use
Compatible with

Chromebook, PC, Mac
iPad and Android tablets

An immersive learning experience

See how 140 students co- created Norway's first AR art exhibition

“This is a cross curricular method that uses technology in a way that is relevant
and motivating to the students”

Sissel Eilertsen, Principal at Midtstuen (Oslo, Norway)

“I was nervous I wouldn't be tech savy enough to understand it properly. It’s scary when you are older and have authority, but I figured it out right away!”

Sonja Storli, Language teacher

“Ludenso Create lets you think outside the box, and gives new ideas for teaching”

Anne Born, Teacher at Heinrich-Heine (München, Germany)
from idea to reality in 3 steps

Solving your curricular goals with more engaged students

Sketch on paper
Digital 3D model
See your idea come to life with Augmented Reality


Find a suitable task for your grade level and subject in the teacher portal. In the planning phase the students should research and discuss the topic they are working on. Look for inspiration and make a simple draft or plan of how they want to solve the problem at hand

Homeschool and classroom friendly
We provide how-to-create tutorials


When the students are creating their ideas in 3D, you can help them succeed by letting them collaborate

Ask questions throughout the project to help them reflect and develop their ideas. We recommend using the AR technology frequently whilst creating to give the students a better understanding of their solutions


Empower your students by making a collection of all their creations. Let them show off, explore and how they solved the problem to each other.

the core principles

As simple as pen and paper

Learning how to use a new tool can be a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be. Students find it easy to learn how to use Ludenso Create. This lets you focus on what is important: supporting your students and
asking the right questions

Made by and for educators

Ludenso Create is the result of educators collaborating with tech people. All the assignments are created by capable educators just like yourself.

Creative joy and mastery

According to statistics, about 80% of students are more likely to attend an AR-based class. Until now this technological advantage has been challenging to utilize, because the available tools have been too complex to use, and unfit for educational purposes

The teacher portal

A cross-curricular approach to teaching

Exploration without the fear of failing
Collaborate through a virtual classroom enviroment
Utilize the devices you already have to prepare students for the 21st century
Requires little to no preparation or prior knowledge
5 - 10 hours

Sustainable design

2 - 4 hours

Symmetry and geometry

5 - 8 hours

A Research Station on Mars


Ludenso Ocean Challenge 2021

Every year, on the occasion of World Oceans Day on 8 June, the world comes together to celebrate the ocean. This year, we at Ludenso want to celebrate the World Oceans Day, by hosting the Ludenso Ocean Challenge.

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Teaching indigenous languages with AR

This week, you can read in Avvír about how and why Ludenso Create will be made available in 3 Sámi languages by 2022. Together with forward-thinking Sámi teachers, we hope to contribute to the preservation of the indigenous languages in Scandinavia.

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High school students are creating the sustainable solutions of tomorrow

The students at Øvrebyen high school are using Ludenso Create to work on a sustainability project, and to express their ideas in AR. This is the first school in Norway to utilize the technology across the subjects sales, service and tourism, sports and physical education, as well as specialization in general studies.

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