Waves of impact: Our AR Tech Boosts Student Engagement by 243%

"We are always looking for new ways to improve the student learning experience," says Jon Hutchings, Editorial Director at Lotus. "Ludenso's AR app is a fantastic opportunity for teaching anatomy more intuitively, and we are truly excited to bepartnering with Ludenso to create the future of anatomy learning”

Augmented reality is set to bring new possibilities for education

Augmented reality is set to bring new possibilities for education. For example, AR can help people understand how things work by making it easier to visualize concepts and processes. This is especially useful for complex subjects like anatomy; students sometimes struggle with understanding the relationship between parts of the body or how they work together, and seeing them in action makes it easier to comprehend. By using AR, students get an immersive experience that is more interactive than simply watching videos online or reading text on paper.

Augmented reality also allows students and educators to access information that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to see in person, by overlaying digital images onto real environments, users are able to interact with their surroundings while still learning about the subject matter at hand.

Lotus publishing and Ludenso are partnering up to make anatomy titles available in augmented reality
Ludenso and Lotus Publishing are partnering to create immersive learning experiences for anatomy

Lotus is launching two augmented reality anatomy titles in March

Now, you might wonder what AR has to do with textbooks. An AR book appears to be like any other book, however, when these titles are placed in front of your phone's camera, 3D elements, animations, videos, and audio can appear.


Today, we are empowering students with this technology through our Ludenso Explore app, which includes AR books on topics of natural science, chemistry, physics, psychology, biology, geography, and now anatomy for therapists!

The front covers of the two books that Lotus publishing will make available in augmented reality
Lotus publishing is making "Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology" and "the Concise Book of Trigger Points" available in augmented reality


Lotus will soon be making two of its titles: “The Concise Book of Trigger Points” and “Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Therapists and Healthcare Professionals”, available in the Ludenso Explore AR app. In these books, users can use the smartphone's camera to see 3D models and diagrams of human bodies from different angles in a way that makes it easy to learn about and understand the information presented in a book.

We're excited to see how this partnership will help students learn anatomy, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for Lotus and Ludenso.

Are you looking for new ways to innovate your textbooks? Book a demo, and we'll set up a call to see how we can work together.

Ludenso is partnering with Lotus to bring anatomy books to life in augmented reality