Ludenso Partner Stories | Revolutionizing English Language Teaching With AR

Jenny Dooley, author at Express Publishing, shared her insights on this exciting development: 

"Every year, we do our best to turn classrooms into spaces of exploration and joy. This time, Ludenso has been our ally! Along with Ludenso's team, we have brought static text and images to life, allowing students to explore #English's content in three dimensions. Now, the series has broken free from paper and that’s quite true to its character!"

Express Publishing's #English series, designed for pre-teens and teenagers, has been the ideal platform for this pioneering exploration of the synergy between language acquisition and AR technology. The series is known for its multimedia-rich resources that focus on creating meaningful interactions among learners and their environment. With the introduction of AR, #English has now transcended the confines of traditional paper textbooks.

AR: Tackling the Decreasing Attention Spans

So, how does AR improve the learning experience for young readers compared to traditional books? As Maria Lalea from the Editorial Department explains, 

"By now, we take it for granted that both young learners and adults deal with decreasing attention spans and reach out to their phones once they start losing their focus. We embrace the new reality and we consider it our motivation to make learning an immersive experience that caters to different learning profiles.  We acknowledge that the shift that has happened creates the need for more engaging material and results in more competent learners."

Augmented reality boots placed in nature, with a textlabel explaining that in the UK people call boots Wellingtons
A screenshot from the Ludenso Explore app, showing how learners can explore 3D models while improving their English language skills

Lalea further explains that AR helps extend young learners' ability to stay focused and engaged. This is mainly because it provides a richer learning experience through a variety of stimuli. AR allows for a more interactive approach, with actions and responses that make young learners active participants in the learning process. 

“The combination of AR, video, 3D visuals, and audio creates a multi-sensory learning experience, enabling young readers to see, hear, and interact with the content, thus enhancing their understanding,” says Lalea.

Examples from the #English Series

In the #English series, Ludenso supplements Express Publishing's gamified Learning Management System, the DigiBooks, by providing accessible and user-friendly AR enhancements to the book's content. These enhancements include 3D visualizations, text-based and grammar-related videos, and audio tracks. Through the use of image tracking, these resources jump off the pages and allow learners to imagine a world beyond their textbooks. The AR additions create an engaging and immersive learning experience, enabling learners to explore concepts, improve comprehension, and develop language skills.

A #English textbook coming to life in augmented reality, showing the globe and students jumping off the pages

The Advantages of AR in Educational Books

An increasing amount of research is showing the impact AR has on memorization, learning outcomes, and motivation. This is something Express is utilizing to its fullest potential:

“In a nutshell, AR can motivate, engage, and encourage learners to become better at inquiry-based learning. Additionally, and this is quite important, it can help people with different learning profiles achieve their learning goals through means that are friendlier to their needs, as it offers a multi-sensory, hands-on experience” says Dooley

Express Publishing's pioneering efforts represent a significant leap forward in the world of ELT, offering young learners a more immersive and effective way to acquire English language skills.

What’s next?

The #English series is only the start, and Express Publishing has exciting plans in store for young ESL learners who enjoy tales and literature. AR's capacity to seamlessly incorporate virtual elements and characters breathes life into stories, creating a captivating and unforgettable reading adventure for these young readers. Keep an eye out for forthcoming updates from Express Publishing!

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