Waves of impact: Our AR Tech Boosts Student Engagement by 243%

The ClearRevise revision series, which have twice won the Education Resource Awards (ERA), were first published during lockdown in 2020, and now have over twenty subject guides.

Former teacher and Director of PG Online, Rob Heathcote, said: “The addition of AR functionality will offer a modern, alternative tool to enrich the printed books in a way that increases students’ engagement in learning. We are delighted to be the first UK publisher of revision guides to offer this new and exciting functionality.”

AR content includes 3D models that students can interact with through rotate, pinch and zoom gestures as well as video content and curated links that explain topics in more detail.

A sneak peek of the AR enhanced geography book from PG Online
Rob adds: “The 3D aspect can bring flat printed diagrams to life, for example, by opening a beating heart right at your desk, on the bus or at home. Students can watch the valves rhythmically move and study its parts, supported by labels, additional descriptions and links to further information. A chemical formula can now be displayed as a three-dimensional ball and stick model to better understand it beyond a 2D diagram.”

PG Online has a proven record of improving results in schools using their teaching resources, and hopes that the ClearRevise series will provide a similar advantage to students with the addition of AR.

“AR offers a second perspective when students are trying to understand a new concept, potentially saving both them and teachers time with additional research. Some students may not even think to explore a concept in this way, so the possibilities are endless for a deeper understanding with a subject, and there is no reason why that would not contribute towards improved grades,” says Rob.
The insides of two different cells shown in AR, alongside annotations to help students explore and gain in-depth knowledge

This new technology will work retrospectively on existing ClearRevise books, with any changes or additional experiences updated on the app in seconds. ClearRevise guides are priced at just £8 and can be purchased directly from clearrevise.com, and can be ordered from your local bookshop, or Amazon.

About PG Online

PG Online began in 2013, preparing beautiful, carefully devised and contextual lesson content to support teachers and reduce the level of duplication in planning the same lessons. They wanted their teaching colleagues to feel empowered and excited to teach from PG Online's material.

A selection of the ClearRevise guides published by PG Online. Of these, the Geography title is now available with AR.

Alongside an already impressive suite of supporting textbooks, PG Online launched its new ClearRevise series of revision guides in 2020. These materials have been designed to support students and teachers to increase the quality and consistency of every lesson. The books have enabled students to revise and learn in a modern and concise way, with the addition of the augmented reality functionality, added in 2022.

Since 2016, PG Online has gained endorsement from all major examination boards and won seven major industry awards with a further 30 nominations. ClearRevise revision guides and lesson resources are available for Science, Design and Technology, English, iMedia, Maths, Computer Science, History, Geography and Business. They work with all major examination boards including AQA, Cambridge, OCR, Pearson Edexcel and BTEC qualifications.

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PG Online has won major industry awards

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PG Online publishers become UK’s first to use Augmented Reality in revision guides