Plantyn Becomes The First Belgian Publisher To Transform The Learning Experience With Augmented Reality Books

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership between Ludenso and Plantyn, a leading educational publisher in Belgium. With Plantyn's extensive expertise in educational publishing and our innovative approach to implementing AR efficiently for publishers, this partnership represents a major milestone in our journey to revolutionize the way students learn and interact with educational books.

Plantyn is working on a new series of educational books that will revolutionize the way students learn.

Plantyn is a household name in educational publishing and is known for delivering high-quality, blended learning solutions to students across Belgium. Their commitment to innovation and quality makes them the perfect partner for us at Ludenso. 

Labeling themselves as innovators within the education sector, Plantyn is the very first Belgian publisher to transform the learning experience with AR. These new AR titles, currently in development and due to be released at the start of school in September 2023, will transform books into AR learning tools.

"At Plantyn, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to enhance the learning experience for our students," says Els Van Vaerenbergh, Science Publisher at Plantyn. "Ludenso's augmented reality technology is a game-changer for educational publishing and we are thrilled to be partnering with them to bring this technology to our books."
A portrait of Els Van Vaerenbergh, Science Publisher at Plantyn

With textbooks that engage students through AR, students can interact with 3D by simply pointing their smartphones at the page of the book.

These new books will allow students to make the invisible visible: by exploring 3D models, diagrams, or even animations by using their smartphones. For example, if you have an AR book about cells, you can point your phone at a picture of an animal cell and see how big it is compared to mitochondria. Or, if you're reading about different types of rain in geography, there will be animations of how cold air pushes under warm air, forcing it to rise, and rain will pour down in the classroom! The possibilities are endless!

Our partnership with Plantyn will allow students to bring textbook content to life, helping them to understand complex concepts in a more intuitive way. This innovative technology allows students to better visualize what they are learning about in class, and gives them hands-on experience that makes learning fun! 

An augmented reality textbook

Putting the “Ed” back in “EdTech”

To ensure that the AR experiences are helping students learn in a better way, we see it as key to empowering the subject matter experts - the editors and authors - to create the learning experiences themselves. Previously, the creative power of making AR experiences has been kept in the realm of developers, mainly because of the complexity of developing AR resources. At Ludenso, we are therefore truly enthusiastic to see that the Ludenso Studio is helping the pedagogues communicate learning in a more fun and inclusive way.  

Ludenso CEO Eirik G. Wahlstrøm said: 

“We’re incredibly excited to be partnering with one of the leading providers of high-quality blended learning in Belgium. By combining their world-class expertise in pedagogy and our drag-and-drop platform, we will bring AR beyond gimmickry and transform the student experience.”
A portrait of CEO and co-founder of Ludenso, Eirik Wahlstrøm

Thanks to Plantyn’s new learning solutions, students can interact with 3D animations that appear on the page and that can be placed anywhere in the classroom. We're excited to see how the new AR titles will impact motivation and learning outcomes. We hope that by working together with educators and students, we can continue innovating in this space so that learning never stops being fun!

This partnership is a huge step forward for Belgian publishing and we can't wait to see what the future holds for Ludenso and Plantyn.

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