Waves of impact: Our AR Tech Boosts Student Engagement by 243%

Student engagement defines the success of educational outcomes. With the decline in engagement and the increase in boredom in classrooms, the integration of AR into learning environments has marked a turning point. As proof of how exciting AR is to students, we had the absolute pleasure of capturing their excitement.

Utilizing Plantyn study materials enriched with AR technology powered by Ludenso to further enhance the learning experience, Veerle Damm, a teacher specializing in chemistry and biology, invites you to witness this excitement firsthand at GO! Atheneum in Maaseik.

Plantyn has taken a huge step towards the future of learning

Plantyn, in collaboration with Ludenso's AR app, has taken a revolutionary approach to science education, captivating students at GO! Atheneum in Maaseik with immersive, interactive learning experiences.

The challenge of disengagement in educational settings is profound, particularly affecting students with neurodiversity who often lack access to tools that cater to their unique learning needs. The introduction of AR technology by Plantyn has been a game-changer, transforming traditional science classes into vibrant, interactive sessions where learning is not just absorbed, but experienced.

As highlighted in our feature in The Bookseller, AR resources significantly increase engagement, leading to improved academic achievements and memory retention. This is especially crucial for students who benefit from additional support, ensuring that no learner is left behind.

In the classrooms of GO! Atheneum in Maaseik, the excitement is palpable.

"The coolest thing I saw in this class is the cell nucleus!"

a student remarked, reflecting the widespread enthusiasm AR technology has ignited.

This sentiment is supported by both quantitative and qualitative feedback from our partnerships, indicating a unanimous appreciation for the innovative approach to science education.

The Impact of AR in Science Learning

Plantyn in collaboration with Ludenso's AR tech has enabled students to explore complex scientific concepts in 3D through Ludenso's Explore (our app). Veerle Damm, a teacher specializing in chemistry and biology, has observed the app's success in facilitating a deeper understanding of subjects traditionally taught through 2D images. This breakthrough is particularly beneficial for students who struggled with visualizing scientific concepts in three dimensions. The Business Insider's 2023 feature on the revolutionizing effect of extended reality across industries echoes our aspirations in the publishing sector, aiming to create immersive and memorable learning experiences.

The AR app's functionality, allowing students to rotate, zoom in, and interact with 3D models on their smartphones, has opened up new dimensions of learning. Currently incorporated into the WACO, Polaris 5, and Epic 5 series, Ludenso's technological enhancements have made intricate structures like cell organelles and the lymphatic system more comprehensible and engaging for students.

This is your opportunity to inspire students in ways they've never experienced before. Contact us today to explore how we can elevate your educational materials and make learning an adventure. Let's shape the future of education together!

The partnership between Plantyn and Ludenso has not only wowed students but also set a precedent for the future of science education. Through AR technology, we are bridging the gap between engagement and understanding, providing all students with the tools to succeed and be inspired by the wonders of science. Book a demo with our team here.

Science Class Reimagined: How Plantyn Introduced AR Experiences to Science Classes in Belgium