Waves of impact: Our AR Tech Boosts Student Engagement by 243%

The move allows Cambridge Partnership for Education – the department of Cambridge University Press & Assessment that works to improve education systems worldwide – to include AR enhanced textbooks as part of the solutions it offers.

Lewis Birchon, Head of Publishing Solutions at Cambridge Partnership for Education, said:

We work directly with governments and development organizations to improve education for millions of children in state-funded schooling worldwide. The technology that we can offer through our partnership with Ludenso has the potential to transform students’ learning through 3D models, video experiments, audio and links to further reading materials.”

The AR platform requires no technical expertise, and allows for the seamless creation and use of AR experiences which can help include visual learners and spark excitement in STEM learning, arts, history and anatomy.

Lewis added:

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how much is a 3D animation of a beating heart worth to a student trying to understand the circulatory system? Or the sound of a siren to demonstrate the Doppler effect? Augmented reality offers a rich seam of opportunities to enhance learning, really helping bring curriculum content to life for students"
“The platform is really intuitive, quick and easy to use; I knew it would just click with teachers and students. It’s great to add Ludenso to our list of partners and I’m excited to see how we can inspire more learners together.”

Two mobiles held over a book, showing 3D models of hearts
Two students exploring the inside of a heart in augmented reality (Photo: Johanne Nyborg)

Having just announced our $1M seed funding in September 2022, we are rapidly expanding our publisher partnerships. The partnership with CUP comes just eight weeks after launching in the UK market, and is an exciting next step towards our goal to make a real learning impact on 5 million students by 2025.

Ludenso CEO Eirik G. Wahlstrøm said:

“We’re incredibly excited and honoured to be partnering with Cambridge Partnership for Education to make learning more engaging and motivating for millions of students in the years to come. Cambridge has been a fantastic collaboration partner to ensure that our AR solution provides real pedagogical value to the end users.

“In the aftermath of the pandemic, it’s clear that hybrid learning is here to stay. Augmented reality brings the best of both worlds, by allowing students to choose their own personalized learning path through high quality learning materials.” says Eirik

Logo of Cambridge University Press

Tim Oates, Group Director of the Assessment Research and Development at Cambridge University Press & Assessment, said:

“When digital learning is at its best, it provides an enrichment of learners’ experiences, better retention in memory of vital knowledge, and develops both understanding and skill in all learners. The Ludenso team has done something very special; it is digital learning at its very best.”

Transforming the student experience with augmented reality textbooks